Washington University in St. Louis will no longer be using WebREC as a resource for letters of recommendation.

The University has moved to Interfolio - a Dossier, Credentials and Letter of Recommendation Service.

If you need to transfer any documents previously stored in WebREC, please contact The Career Center at 314-935-5930 or 1-866-395-8368


Current Students & Alumni

Interfolio is the premier academic dossier and credential service for applying to positions in higher education. Interfolio is available to all students at Washington University in St. Louis. Highlights of this service include:

A reference file account with Interfolio includes 250 MB of document storage space, which is typically enough to hold 100 typed pages.

The annual fee for students in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences is provided for one year. Graduate students will need to provide a modest fee for each mailing. Click here to sign-up now.

Faculty, Staff and Other Letter Writers

Interfolio does not just benefit students and alumni. It also helps ease the burden of those faculty entrusted with composing letters of recommendation. Here's how:

It just takes a few minutes to create an account and begin managing your written documents online immediately. Click here to sign-up now.

Alumni have access to the same features as current students.

Already have a paper recommendation file with The Career Center?
Contact us at 314-935-5930 or 1-866-395-8368 for help setting up your Interfolio file.